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Natalie Burg

I cover great ideas.

With a background in community and economic development, I write about business, entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, society and innovation.

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Business woman article

ADPVoice: Why Recruiting Gen X Is More Important Than You Think

ADPVoice: Why Recruiting Gen X Is More Important Th...

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Cities Creating Innovative Economies

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By Natalie Burg
U.S. ci...

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Could Glowing Trees Be The Street Lights Of The Future?

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By Natalie Burg
Just wh...

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Hope For Detroit: Rail Transit On The Way

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By Natalie Burg
No plac...

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How Print-On-Demand Is Transforming Self-Publishing

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By Natalie Burg
These d...

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Michigan Emerging As The Next Great Shipping Hub In North America

To some, the idea of Michigan emerging as the next big North American transportation and logistics hub sounds ridiculous.
“There hasn’t been any marketing of it,” said Jim Smiertka, senior vice presid...

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The Surprising Rebirth Of America's Industrial Centers

By Natalie Burg
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Move over, S...

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In Boston, Man's Best Friend Transforms Lives Of Chronically Homeless

The long-term homeless and abandoned dogs have unique and complex needs, but in one innovative home in Boston, they have found a way to help each other.

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Startup Turns Followers Into Funding -- For More Than Just One Project

Jack Conte is the founder of Patreon, a new, online revenue model for creators that blends crowdfunding with old fashioned patronage. (Photo courtesy of Jack Conte)
In past centuries, the secret to a ...

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UPSVoice: Rise In Export Assistance Programs Helps Small ...

By Natalie Burg What could be more exciting for a small business than knowing your product is in the hands of delighted customers around the globe? At the same time, if you have no idea how to crack the exporting nut, few prospects could be more intimidating. The good news is that [...]