Natalie Burg

Natalie Burg

I cover great ideas.

With a background in community and economic development, I write about business, entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, society and innovation.

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The Content Strategist

7 Tips From SEO Wizards That Will Boost Your Content — The ...

7 Tips From SEO Wizards That Will Boost Your Conten...

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The Content Strategist

Brand Publishing: Eerily Similar

Flowers and fancy wines may be central elements of ...

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The Content Strategist

Coca-Cola Journey

Coca-Cola Journey

Open uri20140129 18854 100ld3b article
The Content Strategist

Inside Branded Content: The BarkPost 'Creates Their Own Terrier ...

Inside Branded Content: The BarkPost 'Creates Their...

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The Content Strategist

Print Is The New Black

The Internet is great and all, but there’s somethin...

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The Content Strategist

Starbucks Turns A BOGO Promotion Into A Political Movement, Nation To Elect Venti Skim Chai Latte

Every week, we want to highlight an example of a br...